1. Right mouse click on the DeremaHelp Logo Icon file attached and “Save As”. Place in a location that you will find. or click here to download logo. 

2. Once the image is saved, copy this address: www.deremahelp.com

3. Next, go to your desktop and Right Mouse Click anywhere on an open area. Choose NEW > SHORTCUT

4. Paste in www.deremahelp.com into the “location” box, then click NEXT:

5. Type the name DeremaHelp for the new shortcut. Then click FINISH.

6. Go back to your desktop and find the new shortcut. It will have a Chrome or Explorer icon. Right Mouse click on this new shortcut and select PROPERTIES

7. Select CHANGE ICON and then browse to the DeremaHelp Icon you saved. Select the file and click on OPEN. The icon will now appear on your desktop.